Sunday, April 03, 2016

A large acquisition

I bought an architects set of drawers, 15 in all to store my fast growing collection of watercolours and sketches. It was I challenge getting it home, I drive a VW Beetle and they are not famous for their storage abilities. Still, I managed to squeeze all 15 drawers into to car and the rest I put on the roof. I did get a few looks as I drove across the city in the evening rush hour.


  1. setxu1:36 pm

    If you don´t know what to do with your production, here at my home I can find room enougth to "storage". I see you must be very good playing tetris, not only painting, a very good purchase, but my offer is still waiting. Kidding, I´m sure you´ll sell all of them.

    1. Ha, ha! Of course I'll send you my art trash, but first I will try and sell them ;)