My Art Kit

My watercolour and sketching kits.

Summer: 2015

This is the set up I used while out sailing during my summer holidays this year. I use Winsor & Newton series 7 and rigger brushes, I like Escoda a lot and probably use them the most. I have two Isabey mop brushes in the wallet too. My paints are Winsor & Newton. The orange table is meant for camping, it folds to the size of a laptop, very useful when sitting.

Summer: 2014

Here is my watercolour travel kit from this summer, 2014. I was kayaking so I had to pack everything into the bright read waterproof bag.

My summer holiday kit 2014.



  1. Hello ! I am French and studying art in Paris! I juste wanted to tell you amazed I am about your talent ! Your work is truly amazing! I was wondering what watercolours brand do you use ? and also which Oil Paint brand do you recommend?
    Thank you !
    Keep producing such unbelievable pieces :)

    1. Well, thank you Johannnahuss! I am so happy that you and others like my art. :)

      I use Winsor & Newton Professional watercolour paints. I started painting in 2012 so I'm still quite inexperienced. I decided not to try any other brands until I've mastered W&N first (That could take a lifetime!) . I've heard Daniel Smith are very good but I've never tried them myself.
      As regards to oils, I haven't got there yet. I will try oil painting in the future but right now I want to focus on watercolour. Anders Zorn is one of my Heroes, he started this way.
      One needs to master colour, the medium we choose to master it is not so important.

      Good luck with your studies!