Wednesday, July 08, 2015

A model from 1925

I found a wonderful photo of a nude on the internet, to my surprise I found an original copy on Ebay. I plan to do a large watercolour once I receive the print. The original photo was taken by Heinrich Maass from Berlin and was featured in a book called "Nature & Culture", a collection of nudes of women from different cultures around the world. It was assembled by Dr. Peter Landow in 1924 & 1925.
used a Cretacolor Monolith 9B  for toning on A4 Fabriano Eco Artist paper.

Drawn from an original photo taken by Heinrich Maass, 1925


  1. beautiful monochrome drawing, with diferents shades of grey, not talking about the book. I don´t know the original but I like yours most, I´m sure.

    1. Thank you setxu! I enjoyed this drawing, I am certainly going to continue exploring this course.