Thursday, May 21, 2015

Double lunchtime watercolour

Yes, this one took me two lunchtimes to complete. I'm just happy to start painting again. I got into a bit of a rut during the last few weeks. Too much going on, I'm looking forward to the summer months.

Seagull watercolour by David Meldrum
Seagull 16,5 x 23cm Arches 300g papper.


  1. setxu8:00 pm

    Fantastic watercolor, wonderful contrast between the whites in the seagull and background. The effect of feathers is incredibly well done. As you always do, very good job.

    1. Thank you! I played with The watercolour in Photoshop this evening and added a dark tonal gradient to the bottom of the picture. It helped the composition a great deal so I'll paint a gradient for real next week.