Saturday, February 14, 2015

Island fishing

Not much to say about this painting, it's partly from a photograph and partly from my imagination. I am producing a lot of work right now, the quality may not be 100% but I feel it's important to just paint and paint a lot, I'm learning at a very fast rate because of this. The original size was a lot larger but I cropped it as it lacked compositional impact. It is now 17 x 12cm in size on Fabriano GF 300g paper.

A painting of Island fishing by David Meldrum
Island fishing. Fabriano GF 300g paper. 17 x 12cm  


  1. setxu6:01 pm

    Wonderfull dry effect for the trees, nice color palette, and well done crop, I´m saying that without seeing before croping but now it´s got a very good composition