Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lunchtime dreamer

I paint whenever I get the chance, the autumn being a very busy period means those moments are few, So I squeeze watercolour painting into my lunch breaks, I heat up my food, eat in front of the computer and then spend half an hour practising. It's not a very social habit but what to do? Wish I had more time to paint, I dream of creating masterpieces...

Archipelago in  a lunch break by David Meldrum
Archipelago in a lunch break.


  1. setxu4:13 pm

    It´s a really wonderful landscape, full of colour and freshly done, as always nice result.

    1. Thank you setxu! The short time I have during the lunch break probably helps a lot to keep the paintings fresh. There, I just found a positive with having too little time to paint!