Friday, August 01, 2014

Back to basics

I have never learnt the basics of art, like composition and colour theory. I am studying them now though, I bought a bunch of books. It's a must if I am going to master this art thing! I've never used grids either until last week, it's very useful, I tend to elongate my faces when drawing portraits, the grid system helps stop this a lot. I'm still learning so much, even today, three years after starting to draw and paint again.

Elvis C.


  1. setxu9:20 pm

    Knowing the basics can be useful, but won´t you make lost your fantastic intuition and freedom? I think you´ve got a personal style that for me is perfect.

    1. Ha, thank you setxu! :)
      I am getting a lot of joy reading theory at the moment. I can see an immediate improvement in my work because of it. I agree, it is important to put one's soul into a painting or sketch but knowing the ground rules means one can produce good work on a more regular basis.