Thursday, June 19, 2014


I don't recognize myself but others do ...

I recognize myself but others do not.

I was using a mirror for my self-portrait. I discovered that no one I showed it to recognized me. They do not see a mirror image of course. I never thought about it until now, if I ever hang this painting on a wall, it will have to be close to a mirror!

Painting in the studio

Here you can see the original painting in progress, little did I know at that point that the portrait was flipped and therefore not me.


  1. setxu8:05 am

    Incredible painting, fantastic shapes. color, everything works in here, I can´t say if it´s like you or not, but it´s fantastic.

    1. Thank you setxu, I'm happy with it too. Although I will try to smile next time, I look very serious in this portrait. Angry almost.