Sunday, May 11, 2014

Summer time ...

The summer break has arrived and sadly I won't be life drawing at Basis again until after the summer break  - something in September. Feels such a long time away. I am pleased with my efforts from this session, I try hard now to be positive and not let negative thoughts distract me from producing good work. I think my colour toning has improved a lot recently, I'm happy with that. Now I wait until Tuesday to sketch but wait, I might have to choose painting at my new studio instead. What ever I do, there will be sketches and paintings being published on this blog all throughout the summer months :)

Ten minute watercolour nude

Two minute nude

Ten minute watercolour nude

Five minute watercolour sketch on drawing paper

Ten minute watercolour

Two minute nude


  1. setxu1:59 pm

    Incredible colouring and tonal value, you´ve improved a lot in a very few time. Don´t worry about sumer time, once you´ve reach such a level you won´t loose your skills.

    1. Thank you setxu, I plan to keep drawing and painting everyday during the summer if I can. I was looking through my work over the last two years and I can clearly see how much I have improved, I want to reach even higher which means I just have to, practice, practice and ... have fun as I'm doing it.