Friday, January 17, 2014

One interesting week at Central Station

The homeless, hopeful immigrants, tired commuters and friendly train station employees, all these interesting people I encountered during my first week at the Central Train Station. It was truly a wonderful experience and so I plan to continue getting up an hour earlier even next week and spend 60 minutes achieving something that I would normally only contemplate. Crazy stuff!
Today I spent time working out how to paint a watercolour which I will complete on Monday. I plan to paint the foreground figures quite dark and the background fairly light. The person walking through the arch being the focal point. It usually goes to hell after a brush stroke or two, but that is why watercolouring is so entertaining. The other sketch was a winding up exercise, I had 15 minutes before the train came, so I sketched, what else is there to do in a train station!

Sketch at Central Station, Stockholm by David Meldrum
Pencil sketch at Central Station, Stockholm

Sketch at Central Station, Stockholm by David Meldrum
Uncompleted watercolour of Central Station


  1. setxu6:16 pm

    Great prework.Iḿ sure it will be fantastic,

    1. Thank you, one never knows, I may suceed ;)