Friday, January 10, 2014

Fitting art into my everyday life

Like most people I have a day job, it pays the bills and helps keep a roof over my head. I dream of being an artist but the reality is that I work 9-5 and spend hours each day commuting back and forth to the office. After discovering, The Great Indoors of Stockholm (see last post), I stopped on my way to work today at Central Station and did this quick sketch. So it's possible for me to sketch on the way to work, at lunch time and then again on the way home. Suddenly, I have so much time for my art!

On the way to work by David Meldrum
On the way to work. A4, HB pencil on Fabrino paper


  1. setxu3:54 pm

    lucky boy, i would like find more time for painting but itś not easy. Good drawings as usual.

    1. I plan to get up an hour earlier this week so that I can sketch at the train station before going to work. I hope I feel the same determination tomorrow when the alarm bell rings!