Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thursday's life drawing of two models

1.5 hour painting of two female nudes by David Meldrum
1.5 hour painting of two female nudes ( 27x50cm )

Venue: The Swedish Academy of Realistic Art, 20130314.

The first attempt at capturing these two pretty female models was discarded after a half an hour. I started again and this time I was able to find my way. I am finding it so hard to succeed when doing a two hour session. I just plan to keep trying, at some stage something must go click in my head! I am happy with this painting, I masked off the red-head in the back ground as she made the centre of focus confusing in the composition. Her red hair was beautiful but too distracting.


  1. setxu8:50 pm

    Very unusual way of painting these two models,one centered and the other in the upper corner,the mixing of colors are wonderful and the freshness of the painting amazing. All I can say as always congratulations for all your works.

  2. Thanks setxu, I try to find an interesting composition when attempting the longer paintings. I used to work as an Art Director for many years, maybe this is the reason why.